Then and Now

There is a long history behind “Weingut Schlössel” that goes back hundreds of years with a 200 year old building still standing where the family first started their love for the area.

This winery has been know for creating top-quality wines since the times of the Romans inhabited the area so the area is not new to wine. With the Mediterranean climate and diverse soil quality it ideal to grow the best grapes for wine here and the Schwaab family took advantage of the possibilities.

As in the olden days the church required a tax or tithing so the Bishop was paid 10% of the wine as well as 10% from other farms in the area. Our vaulted cellar was where these goods were stored creating the name of “Fürstbischöflichen Zehntkeller” or “Price Bishops 10 Cellar.” There is still a tradition today of bringing the wine to the Bishop of Speyer each year on June/July by horse and carriage.


In 1925, the vintner Daniel Schwaab from the neighboring town of Maikammer purchased the Schloessel in Kirrweiler along with farmland and the vineyards. As it was in those days the family started with farming for their existence but later transitioned it into a winery. This was a huge leap in those days but paid off in the long run.


Generation 2 was the oldest of nine siblings: Johannes (Hans) had a vision to expand for a new generation of guests and customers. While horses were replaced for tractors, in the 1970’s he converted the former stables into a large tasting room with guest rooms above it for those who would like to visit and vacation at the winery.


Martin was always there in the vineyard and found his calling so in 1997 Hans Schwaab handed over the winery to his son Martin. With the ongoing changes in the wine market, Martin expanded the varietals of vines to more international types learning a good lesson that this business is not static but dynamic.


Martin and his son Daniel Schwaab who are both Master Vintners have been running the family business since 2001 together in the third and fourth generation. With this new generation comes new ideas to complement Martin’s experience and the drive to create something special. This is obvious through the wide range of varietals from native German Riesling to international types like Merlot and Chardonnay.

Daniel Schwaab buys the property

In 1925, the Maikammer winemaker Daniel Schwaab bought the Schlössel in Kirrweiler with the associated vineyards and meadows. In the tradition of the Zehntkellerei and his ancestors, Daniel Schwaab founded an agricultural business with a lot of pioneering spirit, which gradually developed into a pure winery.


Hans Schwaab expanded

The successor was the oldest of nine siblings: Johannes (Hans). In the 1970s he converted the former stables into a large wine tasting room and guest rooms for holidays on the winery.


Handover to Martin

1997 Hans Schwaab hands over the management of the company to his son Martin. Martin expanded the vines many times over and introduced a few more varieties.


Daniel Schwaab jun. joins.

Martin and his son Daniel Schwaab, both master winemakers, have been running the family business together in the third and fourth generation since 2001. Daniel's fresh ideas complement Martin's wealth of experience. This also reflects the wide range of grape varieties from Riesling and Kerner to Portugieser and Dornfelder to Merlot and Chardonnay.