History of then and now

Not far from the center of the German Wine street surrounded by vineyards is a wonderful gem called Weingut Schloessel in the village of Kirrweiler, Pfalz. “Schloessel” meaning little castle in English is what we have today with a cellar having a long history, over 500 years old. This winery has been here creating top-quality wines since the times of the Romans inhabited the area. With the Mediterranean climate and diverse soil quality it ideal to grow the best grapes for wine here. Kirrweiler was once a moated castle with a surround wall serving as the summer residence for the Prince Bishops of Speyer. As in the olden days the church required a tax or tithing therefore the Bishop was paid 10% of the wine as well as 10% from other farms in the area. Our vaulted cellar was where these goods were stored creating the name of “Fürstbischöflichen Zehntkeller” or “Price Bishops 10 Cellar.” There is still a tradition today of bringing the wine to the Bishop of Speyer each year on June/Julyby by horse and carriage. Weingut Schloessel has a long and rich history. Wine has always been a part of the history here in Rhineland Pfalz so the house has a lot to say. Our cellar that dates back over 500 years is all that is left after castle that was destroyed during the French revolution.

Come and learn a little about this little treasure off the German wine street, rich in history and abundant in fantastic wines.

Daniel Schwaab buys the property

In 1925, winemaker Daniel Schwaab from the neighboring town Maikammer bought the Schlössel estate in Kirrweiler which includes some vineyards and property. In the tradition of tithing or a taxation to the church, he purchased the estate which started a farm and later became a winery.


Hans Schwaab the eldest son expanded

The next successor of the winery was the oldest of nine siblings: Johannes (Hans). In the 1970's he began to convert the former stables into a tasting room for his guests with rooms above to overnight or enjoy a vacation at the Winzerhof.


Tradition turned over to Martin

In 1997, Hans Schwaab handed over to his some Martin the management of the family winery. Martin also had ideas and expanded the variety of grapes to his inventory to introduce new wine possibilities to his inventory.


Daniel Schwaab junior joining tradition

Since 2001, Martin and his son Daniel Schwaab, both have a masters wine-making have jointly managed the family business for the third and fourth generations. Daniel's wine-making complements Martin's love for growing grapes making them the perfect team to bring in the quality wines they produce. This reflects in the variety of whites, reds and sparking wines they create with the given quality their experience brings to the winery.