This year the weather brought new challenges to the winery having rain in the beginning of the growing season which as many growers knows can bring unwanted molds to the grapes which happened in 2018. As the spring moved into summer, the long lasting heat burned off the fungus allowing for healthy leaves and grapes to grow. The result of this wonderful year was grapes which were healthy and were able to grow to a ripeness all wine makers dream of so note, 2018 will be a fantastic year for wines. Martin Schwaab, Winzermeister
There was an above-average yield along with the highest quality of grapes. There was a lack in acidity in the grapes due to the weather this year, but there is a great deal of knowledge here at the Schloessel. That is what makes it wonderful to have generations of knowledge that can take on a challenge like this and produce aromatic wines. Daniel Schwaab, Kellermeister