We are quite pleased with our autumn 2019 harvest. Our harvest was completed with high quality grapes allowing us to create high quality wines. The beginning of the season was a rainy one therefore the harvest was completed much faster than the previous year. But overall we still see a water deficit in the vineyards but so we hope for a wet winter to start the new season off.

Martin Schwaab, Master Vintner

The summer of 2020 was very hot and dry allowing for a high quality harvest with average quantities of grapes in the fall. After 29 days of harvest the cellar was filled with uncomplicated wines making up for the first bottling. It is important that each vintner puts his own finishing touch on the wine the give it a personal touch.

Daniel Schwaab, Master Vintner

Festivals and Events

At this time all wine festivals in our area have been cancelled but please note you are still able to purchase our wines here at the winery. With the COVID-19 crisis we are bound to the laws and regulations in Germany but hope this comes to an end soon.

Please keep watching out for changes while we will update this site for further information as what is coming in the future”